Jouni Leino, 1998-2015


Functionality and timeless elegance are tied together with modular simplicity. The highly versatile meeting table system In-tensive is extremely flexible and adapts to various interiors. In-tensive is your key to a successful meeting furnishing project, be it in modern or classic style.

Offering solutions for different conference needs, the main features include modular structure, table tops in different shapes, sizes and materials and a large variety of leg versions. All In-tensive tables have a spacious cable tray for easy cable management and hiding conference equipment. The tray is accessed trough hinged flaps. When closed, these flaps will leave a gap for distribution of cables keeping unnecessary equipment out of sight.

In-tensive is awarded with the Muuuz International Design Award 2015.


- Standard shapes S (rectangular) C (boat) O (ellipse) F (rounded)
- Standard width 1200 or 1500mm (*min. 1000mm)
- Thickness 26 or 39mm
- Edge profiles (SR / VR / SVR)

- Length 1200 / 1500 / 1800 / 2000mm
- Access width when opened 130mm (when closed 20mm)

Cable trays:
- Trapezoid of dim 360/260h130mm in section

- In between users, min. 300mm set back from the edge of the table (*less if table width under 1200mm)
- 8 different types in 2 widths
- Height 695mm + height adjustment glides


Birch natural
Ash natural
Maple natural
Oak natural
Birch stained black
Ash stained black
Walnut natural
Oak stained black
Birch stained white
Ash stained white
Wenge natural
Oak stained white
Birch stained grey
Oak bleached


Laminate grey PP 1944
Laminate white PP 1040
Laminate black PP 1015
Nanolaminate white 0030
Nanolaminate black 0720


Crystal aluminium
Silver aluminium
Metallic grey
Effect white RAL9010
Matte white RAL9010
Matte black RAL9005
Effect black RAL9005

Inno uses natural wood and veneer from real wood as part of our design concept. The real wood naturally has its own figures and no piece of wood is similar to another one. Accordingly, no veneer and no table top is exactly alike. Same applies to massive wood pieces.

In-tensive video