Tools for architects since 1975

Architects and interior designers build environments for humans to go about doing their thing in the most pleasant and efficient way possible. Whether this takes place in the office, at home or in public spaces like airports or museums, the scale is always the same. It’s human scale.

At times we want to be alone, in pairs and in groups. Sometimes we want to mingle, or have privacy. Sometimes we just want to concentrate and get done what we came to do. No two humans use the environments the same way, but although our preferences might vary, we want to accomplish the same things.

This is why Inno has an extensive portfolio of adaptive tools; chairs, stools, sofas, tables, accessories… The variety translates as empathy for brands or architecture, and it is expressed through the combination of innovative ideas, inspiring aesthetics and resource conservation.

Many things have to be taken into consideration, yet the end results cannot look complex or require learning in order to be used. The end result is just a home, office, restaurant, hospital, but one that feels right and works. Since 1975 we have realized our vision of creating such tools for architects.

Inno is a family owned company established back in 1975 with strong roots in innovative product design, a high level of original design and responsible production. The company was established by interior architect Harri Korhonen and is now run by his son Niklas Korhonen in second generation. The company's aim is to produce original and functional design furniture as “tools for architects”. High quality products that fulfills even the most demanding requirements mainly aimed for public spaces. During the years Inno has pioneered several novel ideas for working environment. Over the past decade Inno has developed the “cozy office” concept - a range of products which are perfectly suitable for both public and home interiors, for quality and design aware people.

We strongly believe that a good product has to give more than a look and a function, it has to feel right.