Taivu Meeting & Compact Lounge, design Mikko Laakkonen

Timeless features with a joyful twist


Inno’s novelties in September 2021 include Taivu Meeting and Taivu Compact lounge chair, designed by Mikko Laakkonen. These chairs are not only designed to be durable, but they stand up against time and won’t get outdated any time soon.

“At a closer look one can find fine-drawn hints of classical characteristics even though spiced with a very positive and modern twist”, tells Niklas Korhonen, CEO at Inno.


Taivu Meeting chair, design Mikko Laakkonen


We all know how hard long meetings can be on your back, therefore a small three-dimensional tilt movement is added to activate the muscles supporting your spine. The seat-shell naturally follows the body movement providing a dynamic and ergonomic sitting experience. In addition to the swivel, dynamic tilt and height adjustment, there is a new structure with a perfect tension of foam that keeps you relaxed for the whole meeting. Taivu Meeting chair is easily tailored to fit a wide range of interiors, such as board rooms, executive conference spaces and home offices as well. Two options are available for the cross-leg and seat height adjustment; choose either YDL (480-530 mm) or ZDL (470-590 mm).


YDL – H 920 SH 480-530 W 670 D 680 mm
ZDL – H 890 SH 450-540 W 670 D 680 mm


Taivu Compact Lounge, design Mikko Laakkonen


Taivu Compact Lounge Chair is compact in size yet distinctive in expression. Thanks to its exposed frame and clarity of structure Taivu Compact provides lightweight and original aesthetics. Inno’s selected RAL colours red, green, blue and yellow give you a number of options for monochrome or brand-specific outcomes. It is easily tailored to fit a wide range of interiors, such as hotel rooms, lobbies, lounges and waiting areas.  Take a look at additional information and images>


H 780 SH 420 W 670 D 650 mm


Taivu product family includes Taivu easy chair width 870 mm, Taivu Compact lounge chair width 680 mm and Taivu Meeting swivel chair with cross-legs YDL or ZDL. All members of the Taivu product family complement each other and may be used in the same premises but for different purposes.


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