Our heritage for the children

Afforestation maintains nature’s biodiversity and brings food on children’s plates


Dear Inno partners and employees,

I’m sure we all agree that 2021 has been challenging in many ways. But we should not forget the positive changes we have seen, one of which is the more frank and open discussions around our shared responsibility to take care of our planet.

Besides Covid-19, climate change and its impacts on biodiversity have been two of the hot topics this year. It’s great that people and companies are finally starting to question their own actions and what kind of affect they have on nature. Even though change might sometimes feel very slow, it’s still taking us in the right direction – and that’s already a positive change for our children’s future.



Meanwhile, we should not forget all those people and children already suffering from the impacts of climate change, especially those living in the worst-hit areas in developing countries. I was reading last week in the Finnish news that approximately a quarter of a million children have lost their lives in Eastern Africa this year because of hunger, and that a big cause is climate change.

Inno will continue our quest to restore destroyed forests in developing countries. This is in our opinion the most sustainable way of providing local and long-lasting aid and education for people living in areas that are suffering most from the impacts of climate change.


In addition to helping people, our aim is also to:

  • Fight against climate change and help to maintain biodiversity
  • Overcompensate the use of wood in our production
  • Constantly improve our own production and processes according to the ISO 14001:2015 standard
  • Overcompensate our own carbon footprint


2021 in brief

  • Inno contributed in growing 100 hectares of destroyed forest in Volaita, Ethiopia.
  • Approximately 20–25 trees will be regrown or planted for every Inno Interior product sold in 2021.
  • In a few years, these “Inno forests” are estimated to capture an average of 1590 tons of carbon dioxide a year from the atmosphere.
  • World Vision has already started the registration process for a Gold Standard Carbon Certification of this project; in the future other companies will be able compensate their own carbon footprint with forest Inno has helped to regrow.
  • We only use certified wood in own production
  • We only use 100% renewable energy


Would you like to know more about this FMNR project or the many benefits it has for local communities and nature. Read our Christmas letter from last year: Towards a brighter future.


We are sincerely grateful for your commitment and the good co-operation we enjoy together with all of you! 

I wish you and all your loved ones a peaceful and merry Christmas – Thank you for being part of the extended Inno family


Merry Christmas, Niklas Korhonen






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