Jr. 402

Jr. is a series of hooks and hardware designed for hard use in both public and home interiors. These functional items have a fresh design with a positive and youthful impression. The robust and minimal design make them suitable for all kinds of interiors. Double-sided tape included for easy mounting!


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Height: 220mm
Width: 100mm
Depth: 65mm


Jr 402 3d

Jr. Family


Tomi Kapiainen

Tomi Kapiainen studied in Lahti Polytechnic, Institute of Design. In 2001 he decided to participate in Habitare’s furniture design competition with his schoolmate Jari Peltonen. They attended to the competition with their Chill Out proposal and won. Inno was one of the seven corporate sponsors in the competition and helped to make the product. Inno decided to take Chill Out to their production even before it was announced to be the winner of the competition. In 2011 he and Kim Heikkinen founded their own design studio.