Whippy Chair showcases meticulous craftsmanship and sustainable manufacturing. Made from high-quality certified birch, ash, or oak, this chair combines the timeless elegance of Nordic design with the convenience of a folding mechanism, offering versatility for easy storage and transportation. This feature is particularly beneficial in venues that require frequent rearrangements or temporary seating solutions.


A trolley for easy storage and transportation is available, as well as a row connector that allows the linking of multiple chairs for various event setups, ensuring cohesive and organized seating arrangements. Additionally, a soft version of the seat is offered for additional comfort.


When folded, the chair can be transported flat-packed, saving space, and reducing its carbon footprint. Inno offsets the use of wood in this and other wooden products by participating in afforestation projects that help mitigate the effects of climate change.


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Height: 765 mm
Width: 530 mm
Seat height: 460 mm
Depth: 515 mm



Rasmus Palmgren

Rasmus Palmgren is a Finnish designer who seeks new perspectives for everyday objects. He is dedicated to his responsibility to impede overconsumption by designing long-lasting and sustainable products. In his work, he’s always on the lookout for clever, innovative solutions and a thought-out balance between material, aesthetics, usability and production. Through this work, he aims to create relevant, honest and timeless designs that are truly meaningful yet easy to understand. Rasmus has a bachelor in cabinetmaking from Malmstens Linköping University in Stockholm, and a master in furniture, spatial and product design from The Royal Danish Academy in Copenhagen.

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