Intro B1 / stacking

Intro is a versatile and lightweight wooden chair designed by Ari Kanerva. This enduring design draws its inspiration from the unpretentious heritage of Nordic design. The chair’s meticulous detailing is characterized by its straightforwardness and graceful execution. Crafted from certified wood, this chair possesses versatility and a lightweight quality, making it equally suitable for different public spaces, from educational institutions and conference rooms to waiting areas and collaborative workspaces. Its compact and stackable nature is complemented by excellent ergonomics.

Available with upholstered seat – Intro B2. Version with without armrest available as Intro A1. Adds on such as writing tablet, row-connector or linking device with electric outlets, on request.


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Height: 770 mm
Width: 550 mm
Seat height: 450 mm
Depth: 460 mm

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Ari Kanerva

Ari Kanerva was born in Lahti, Finland. He has studied furniture and stone design at Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and after graduating from there he studied Spatial and Furniture Design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki and graduated (MA) in 2008. Alongside his studies he worked for the Finnish furniture design industry as a technical designer. In 2010 he founded his own design studio.
Today, he is an internationally established designer based in Turku, Finland. His main focus is on furniture and product design. His studio also assists companies with product development. Each of his design is characterized by a careful research of items intended use and ergonomics. His style is minimalistic and very refined but always unique. Visual balance and thoughtful little details are regularly featured in his designs.
Kanerva describes his working methods: “From a sketch on paper, through handmade mockups to a finished industrial product, it is the chain of problems and solutions that I find fascinating. I try to make my design simple and functional, yet play with forms. I also aim at a balanced appearance where none of the details predominate.”

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